We Are Moving - YAY!

We are getting close to our big move across the street from the main "The Factory" to Jamison Station. I say it like that because The Factory owner, Brad Kelly, owns that property, as well, and so we are still safe inside The Factory "family." We are so thrilled to have a NEW space free from the cobwebs and darkness that sometimes accompanies an older space, but we have chosen to stay in the area so that our lovely customers won't be too inconvenienced.  As most of you know, we had to move from our home of 18 years due to the fact that a big restaurant is coming in and chose our old space -- since it is next to a large patio. Terry Raley, the same owner that owns the popular Nashville restaurants The Pharmacy Burger, Butchertown Hall and the Holland House  is bringing a big-ole-beer-brewing-game-playing restaurant to our old space. We can't wait to eat there here very soon! How exciting is it to think of the number of hungry locals and tourists that will visit this restaurant and will (hopefully!) come and see us?? 

I have gotten sidetracked (usual).....soooooo.....back to my topic, we are moving.... to a big gloriously white and bright and classic style store. We have gotten almost all new fixtures,  and have been working behind the scenes to refurbish old antiques and getting loads of new creative displays. WE WILL be ready... we hope! A lot of people ask us if we are upset for having to move, not once, but TWICE... we haven't loved the work of moving (who does?!), but we have cleaned out a BUNCH of 18 year old junk... and we have refocused... it has been a blessing in disguise... funny thing.... most things are, aren't they? Life lesson for ya. 

Hopefully the floors will be delivered this week. Hard woods apparently have to "settle" to their surroundings before they can be installed. We hope our floors settle in nicely... we chose a beat up, shabby look because...lets be honest... we sell to kids and moms with double and triple stollers... they're gonna take a beating, so we thought we would just go with it! The walls, doors, plumbing and slat wall are all in already.  We do have to wait for the electric company to turn us "live", and THEN we will begin our magic...we hope this will be in the next two weeks or so... Eeeeeep!!  

Meanwhile, we have been researching websites, instagrams and all forms of social media  to offer you the best and most interesting gifts, new baby, boy and girl items that are available. We are introducing tons of new lines at the new space, and on our online store! 

This brings me here ---- I know you realize this (because if you're reading this you already know) BUT....we have finally caught up to this century and gotten an actual website!!  What??  I know, it is insane. Blair Bego from bcreativ has done an amazing job --  she clearly has the patience of Job to deal with us.  We've also been working on creating active social media outlets with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We have loved the creativity that comes with this, and we especially love seeing your tagged photos with our goodies in them ~ how fun to repost so many gorgeous photos of your cuties in our clothes! It's a win, win.

So, welcome to thelittlecottagechildrensshop.com! We will continue to make it better and better, and we are so excited to see where this takes us!! What a wonderful world at our fingertips... I always picture sweet moms with new babies rocking in the middle of the night and surfing our site in search of the newest and best baby products. Does this actually happen?? We sure hope it does... be sure to let us know.

We have also signed up with a huge online boutique site for kids called shopkids.com.  This will launch in July, and we will be effectively selling to all of the world (wide web) in two locations -- so pumped... BAM! Let's do this! We are currently obtaining merchandise, photos and descriptions for these new and exciting adventures.  If you aren't already following their womens clothing version, shoptiques.com, then do it now.  It is life-changing. 

One more bit of "news" before I sign off --  our own line of sweaters "The Little Cottage Knits" has arrived with the new tags. Wow ~ what a crazy time around here! In addition to the colors available on our site, we have a new gorgeous pale pink sweater being made (as I type!!) that is going to be incredible and completely and 100% unique to us.  SO proud to have our name on these products as they are very special.  We are already marketing these worldwide,  and we will sell them in our store (of course), on the website and from our ShopKids.com site.  Wow, Wow, Wow!  

We will absolutely let you know the days we will be closed for our move -- hopefully just 2 days -- however, the plan is to have someone at our current, temporary space that will be selling all the clearance items, so come by and grab a deal... or two!  Everything must go at that point, there will even be racks to buy!  Do you need to organize your closet or garage with a grid wall? Now is your chance!

We are just filled with awe and wonder at the plans that have been laid before us... come by for a visit in the store or online,  we'd love to see you! As always, feel free to call us at 615-794-1405 (this will stay the same)  or email us at thelittlecottagechildrens@gmail.com with any questions! We appreciate all of our loyal customers, and we can honestly say these families have become some of our dearest friends.  xoxo

All my best,

Julie from The Little Cottage 


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